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Ultimate Guide to Psilocybin Mushrooms

magic mushroom

There are more than 180 mushroom species that contain psilocybin, a psychedelic compound that occurs naturally. Mushrooms that contain the compound are generally known as magic mushrooms or simply shrooms. They are mostly used for recreational purposes. However, shrooms also have applications in various therapeutic sessions for treating obsessive-compulsive disorders, cluster headaches, depression, anxiety, addiction, and PTSD.


Numerous factors contribute to the experience you are likely to get after taking shrooms. They include dose, setting, mindset, and personal body chemistry. That means that experiences are always unique to each individual. Also, the source of these supplement contributes to the overall experience. With a great experience working with SD Canada, we would strongly recommend that you buy your mushrooms there.

Magic mushrooms are usually consumed in their dried form. Individuals who dislike the taste can blend shrooms in smoothies or brew them in tea to mask the flavor. The method of consuming does affect the duration it takes before you experience the effects. The effects are commonly referred to as trips. 

Some of the effects you can expect during a psilocybin trip include increased introspection, intensified emotional experiences, altered psychological functions, distorted sense of time, synesthesia, and distorted vision. Physical effects include a change of blood pressure and heart rate, increased tendon reflexes, restlessness, tremors, and uncoordinated movement.mushroom

Main Phases of Magic Mushroom

There are four main phases of a magic mushroom trip, each having different observations and perceptions. The four phases are ingestion, onset, peak, and come-down. The peak phase is where you experience the most intense psychological and sensory effects. All the phases usually take about six hours to wear off, but it can take much longer for higher doses.

Bad Trips

It is possible to experience bad shroom trips. Bad trips can include uncontrollable paranoia, dysphoric hallucinations, and reckless behaviors. Bad trips can be managed or avoided by preparing and knowing the main motivations before diving into the psychedelic experience. Bad trips usually do not require any pharmaceutical intervention.

Effects by Dose

Doses are categorized as micro-dose, mini-dose, museum dose, moderate dose, and mega dose. Micro-dose ranges from 0.05 grams to 0.25 grams, usually used to enhance creativity, focus, and energy. As the dose increases, the effects continue to magnify, and you get into a shroom trip. At mega dose, about 5 grams or more, you will likely lose all connections with reality. Some of the effects of mega doses include intense hallucinations, mystical experiences, compromised motor function, ego death, and synesthesia.

Interactions with Other Drugs

Psychedelic mushrooms can interact positively with cannabis, ketamine, and MDMA. It also has a neutral interaction with coffee. However, it is usually not advisable to mix any two substances irrespective of dose. Shrooms have negative interactions with alcohol and various antidepressants.

A Closer Look at Nutraceuticals

As technological advances, so does supplementation. As such technological advances in the medical field, all started by the discovery of essential food nutrients. It is from these simple beginnings that medical scientists have discovered minerals and compounds at boosting the nutritional values of what we consume. The advent of Nutraceuticals is a testament to the fact that people are continually looking for ways of improving their quality of life.medical researcher

What are Nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are a reasonably new development in the medical industry. As the name suggests, these are nature-based medicines that are used to promote health, prevent chronic ailments, manage symptoms, and even slow down the aging process. As you read about Heal-N-Soothe, one of the most reliable nutraceuticals, you will realize that these products can also be used to reduce inflammation. Its use also leads to improved heart health, promotes muscle recovery, and also improves memory.

Why are Nutraceuticals Popular?

Here are some reasons why the use of nutraceuticals and other dietary supplements is increasingly becoming popular.

Ageing Population

As baby boomers approach the retirement age, there have been growing concerns to improve their health, thus making them fitter and heathier for workplace demands. The need to have a larger and healthy working population, therefore, is believed to be a key incentive for the discovery and use of these supplements.

Need to Lead Healthier Lives

There is a massive shift in preventive healthcare. People have become wary of serious ailments and their effects. In light of this, most people are willing to get to great depths in an attempt to better stay safe from lifestyle ailments or some opportunistic diseases.

Overwhelming Choices

Now, more than ever, people are served with an overwhelming choice when it comes to matters health. This has led to a lack of brand of loyalty, and companies are forced to do everything within their means to compete. What has been seen as confusing to consumers is now seen as a positive.

Availability of Niche Products

A good number of people have adopted supplements as part of their lifestyle. People struggling with chronic pains, for instance, are forced to use nutraceuticals to manage their pain and improve the quality of their life. This demand is large enough to warrant mass production, which means that these products are in abundant supply.dietary supplements

It is a known fact that healthy living has a lot to do with what you consume. As much as you might be eating the right foods, there are times where your body will need some help. Supplements, thus, come in hand in making you healthy.…