The Aging Vagina


People age, that much we know. However, the thought that our organs age alongside our aging process could sometimes slip our minds. As you know, as a woman, one of the most important parts of our body when it comes to the reproductive system is the vagina. The vagina does go through some changes when it ages. Here are some things that you should know about the aging vagina:

The Changes It Goes Through

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When your vagina ages through the years, you will be able to tell that it will encounter some changes. There are six main ways your vagina changes as you are aging. We are going to talk about three main changes that correlate to your vulva, pubic hair, and the vagina itself.

When it comes to the vulva, you will see some changes happening when you have entered the perimenopause and menopause stage of your life. The gradual loss of estrogen results in the loss of the fullness of the vulva. When it comes to pubic hair, you will notice that you will experience thinning, greying, and loss of the hair down there.

The loss of estrogen also affects the vagina itself. It results in dramatic changes in the function and appearance of the vagina. Vaginal walls become thinner, losing elasticity and moisture, which can result in irritation.

Maintenance and Upkeeping

When it comes to maintaining and upkeeping your vagina, there are a few things that you should do. First of all, according to gynecologists, avoid over the counter vaginal cleansing product, especially douches, because your vagina can clean itself naturally. Doing that can affect your vagina’s ability to clean itself naturally.

To keep your vagina moist, you should moisturize it twice a week. When you need much more moisture, especially during sex, you should use lubricants. If you value your sexual life, then it is better that you stay sexually active and have regular intercourse on a regular basis because it helps the vagina remain flexible and moist.

Treatment and Doctors


When it comes to treatments, it is safe to say that there is a wide array of different vagina rejuvenating treatments that are out there. You can try Local Estrogen Therapy, Petite Lady, Mona Lisa Touch, and so on. Research beforehand before getting treatment. You should ask your gynecologist about these things.

Speaking of gynecologists, it is best to regularly visit your gynecologist starting from when you are first sexually active. Doing that will help make them know the progress and the changes of your vagina. I anything incomprehensible is happening to your vagina, you should definitely visit a doctor.

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