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Airfloss 2

As much as there are several benefits, which daily flossing provide, still many people find this exercise time consuming, and also annoying as it might at times make your gums hurt, especially if you are using the traditional methods of flossing. Traditional string flossing was yawn-inducing, nitpicky, difficult and time-consuming. Guess with modified flossing models in the market today; you won’t want to travel the traditional path any longer. Click on the active link for the Best Electric Toothbrush 2017.

General information

At the market today

Waterpik Well if you are not aware, the two most common and successful water flosser ranges dominating the market today are Waterpik and Airfloss. However, with almost similar workability, it is confusing to pick the most successful one of the two. It has come to a point where users choose them according to the preferences of the manufacturers and the one they understand the most.

However, for you, you need to make your own judgment through the following specific characteristics;

The two are reliable

Both the Waterpik and Airfloss are very fast to use. With only 60 seconds of your time, you will have completed your water flossing. This means that these products are complete by themselves, and so they work entirely. As a result, if you opt for this product, bid bye to buying more things if you want to floss your water.

Consider your target

If you intend to buy water floss product that has a longer usage time, then Waterpik should be your ultimate choice. This model come with several nozzles, in fact, some have up to 7. This result to lesser wear of each head, as opposed to if it were one. In most cases, Waterpik usually codes their devices, and so, you will forget about recharging the inbuilt batteries, which can even fail. If this is your target, well you got it!

What about the Airfloss? Look here; this device is as quicker as Waterpik, but it has a lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, the battery is bound to fail and to make the matter worse; you won’t get another one for replacement. The good thing is that, since there is no replaceable battery, it gives you the opportunity to get the updated version of the product. However, it is at times an annoying ordeal. The company only updates, occasionally, one active product in this range; therefore you still don’t expect much from the company.

Make your verdict

AirflossHey, up to this point you can make your verdict. However, it’s obvious that with today’s living standards, you do not always need to go shopping for water flosser, only because you bought a short-lived one. Why not choose Waterpik? It’s fast and long lasting. Waterpik, therefore, should be considered as the most successful water flosser available today.

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